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Our values

We support people who identify as women while respecting bodily, ethnic, religious, cultural or sexual diversity.



Equality , respect , autonomy , authenticity and solidarity are the core values of Inter-Val 1175.

In addition to these official values, Inter-Val 1175 attaches particular importance to benevolence , as a key value in the functioning of the work team and the intervention:

: taking a non-judgmental look at others, showing understanding and indulgence, expressing oneself with warmth and welcoming the uniqueness of each person and each life course.

Our values


Same rights, same needs, same freedoms. Each person is considered and treated as a whole without discrimination, regardless of their origin, religion, status or sexual orientation. The staff of Inter-Val 1175 is at the side of service users and their children (neither above nor below) and forms an alliance with them.


A sense of belonging and a bond of reciprocal commitment between all people who identify as women. The staff of Inter-Val 1175 stands in solidarity with the difficulties they are experiencing and fights as a team and alongside them to put an end to the violence inflicted on them.


Be true, true to yourself, think and act according to your own values and convictions. Accept “real” speaking and authentic dialogues so that customer support and working together can be fluid and efficient.


Attitude of consideration towards oneself, towards others and towards the environment around us. Inter-Val 1175 staff also respect each person's rights, choices, pace, history and limits.


Accountability for decisions and choices in order to rebuild self-confidence by surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people.