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Intersectional feminism

Our approach is feminist and intersectional.

We practice active and empathetic listening with service users and their children, with full respect for their individuality and the uniqueness of their experiences, but also for their rhythms and their needs.

We aim to make people who identify as women aware of the cycle of violence and its effects on themselves and their children in order to develop mechanisms for asserting themselves and mobilizing the power to act.
Our approach places women at the heart of their life project, by valuing their strengths, and allowing them to develop their autonomy and reach their full potential.

We understand the fact that women experience the intersecting and multiplying effects of the different systems of oppression and privilege at work in the societies in which they have evolved∕evolve. In this sense, we take into consideration, in our interventions, both systemic and singular obstacles that they must face in their life course.