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Our team

We are a dedicated team, dedicated to providing you with support and safety

Inter-Val 1175

Response team

Our response team at the shelter is made up of 7 qualified workers who share day, evening and night shifts. All the workers, except those at night, are responsible for monitoring families and are able to respond to their requests. Our youth workers are there to respond more specifically to the needs of mothers and children.

Their work is supported by a youth leader who offers respite to the mothers and takes care of the children when they meet or have external appointments.

A worker dedicated to general follow-up, as well as a worker dedicated to youth follow-up work in the organization's external services.
The work of the intervention team is supervised by the coordinator.
Our support team is made up of a cook, a purchasing clerk and a donations clerk.
Inter-Val 1175 also has a trainer, an administrative assistant and a general manager on its team.

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The members of the C.A.

Inter-Val 1175 is a non-profit organization run by a board of directors made up of seven volunteer members committed to the fight against violence against women.

Sophie Letendre


Iethar Ali

Vice President

Florence Massicotte


Marie Tack


Rym Leulmi


Honseenta Anthony


Marie-Pier Perreault-Girard