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Day services

Benefit from the help of specialized workers in person or remotely

Credit: Angie Dupuis


Our day services are available to former shelter residents and their children as well as to families who are experiencing domestic violence but who don't see shelter services as an answer to their needs. Our two counsellors are here to guide you as you regain power over your life, whether as an individual (general counselling) or in relation to your parenting challenges and your children’s reality in the context of domestic violence (youth counselling).
Our counsellors can also support you with specific processes (social assistance application, job search, apartment search, court preparation, etc.) and physically accompany you for certain appointments (medical visits, meetings with other professionals assigned to your case, trips to court, recovery of personal belongings, custody exchanges, etc.).

Finally, you can get help to develop a safety plan and protection scenarios for you and your family.