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Emergency shelter

Immediate safety for you and your children.

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Inter-Val 1175 is an emergency shelter. Our first priority is to ensure the immediate safety of women who are victims of spousal and family violence and their children.
We offer short stays of about three months, entirely free of charge: this period can vary depending on the life circumstances of the persons requiring shelter.
Our goal is to provide a place of solidarity for those affected by domestic violence so they can take refuge, rest, and gradually regain control over their lives.

Once sheltered with us, you can:

  • Feel safe in a reassuring, homelike environment
  • Stay in a room reserved for you and your children
  • Benefit from meals prepared on site by our cook
  • Take advantage of counsellors who are on site around the clock, as well as youth counsellors who can help you in your role as mother and provide your children with support and tools
  • Receive support as you navigate the processes associated with your stay (social assistance application, job search, apartment search, court preparation, etc.)
  • Receive support at critical points in your stay (medical visits, meetings with other professionals assigned to your case, trips to court, recovery of personal belongings, custody exchanges, etc.)
  • Enjoy pleasant living spaces (game room, teen room, lounge reserved for residents, backyard)
  • Share your day-to-day experience with others facing similar challenges
  • Take part in group and one-on-one discussions and exchanges
  • Join in on social and recreational activities and outings

Our hope is that you can continue your day-to-day activities while respecting your pace, needs and differences with other families. 

Stays last approximately 3 months and we always work with you to prepare for the post-stay period.

Once your stay ends, you can also access post-stay follow-up via our day services, if necessary.