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About us

Inter-Val 1175 offers a safe and welcoming refuge for women and their children and for older women, as well as psychosocial support to help them overcome the consequences of the violence they have suffered and regain power over their lives

Credit: Angie Dupuis


Une organisation accueillante et sécuritaire pour toutes

We provide a safe, welcoming environment for families and older women who are victims of domestic violence. Through our day services, we also help families who are dealing with abuse but who don't see shelter services as an answer to their needs.
We provide an attentive ear, support, referrals and resources for those who identify as women and for children who benefit from our shelter and day services so they can become more independent and regain control over their lives.
Inter-Val 1175 also works toward more structural social change in order to eliminate domestic violence by organizing awareness and training activities on spousal abuse and its effects on victims and children, healthy and unhealthy relationships, and power imbalances in relationship.

Our values

Equality, respect, autonomy, authenticity and solidarity are the key values of Inter-Val 1175. In addition to these official values, Inter-Val 1175 attaches particular importance to benevolence, as a value- key to the functioning of the work team and our interventions.

Our approach

Our approach is feminist and intersectional. We practice active and empathetic listening to service users and their children, with full respect for their individuality and the uniqueness of their experiences, but also for their rhythms and needs.

The organization strives to create the conditions likely to enable the people it supports to rebuild themselves based on their strengths and the strategies they deploy, while considering the broader context in which their life experience takes place. violence.